CREATORLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
TITLEThe ABC's of Nuclear Science
DATE PUBLISHED20 November 2007
DATE ACCESSED7 December 2016

This website provides a wealth of information and educational activities for instructors and students who want to learn the fundamentals of nuclear science. The user-friendly site contains explanatory guides to atomic physics, radiation, fission and fusion, cosmic rays, and antimatter. It also offers access to presentations and complete guides to conducting basic nuclear physics experiments, which include study questions. It features an online copy of the Nuclear Science Wall Chart with an accompanying 120-page teacher’s guide. The site even has an online manual for the construction of a basic cosmic ray detector for classroom use. The website contains a glossary of nuclear science terms; an amazing animated glossary of nuclear particles, effects, and processes; and a guide to learning about radioactive half-lives. Hosted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the website is a must-visit for educators who teach basic nuclear physics.

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