AUTHORLeahy, William D.
TITLEI Was There: The Personal Story of the Chief of Staff to Presidents Roosevelt and Truman Based on His Notes and Diaries Made at the Time
PUBLISHERWhittlesey House
CITYNew York, NY
ISBNno number - use WorldCat search box

In this 450 page narrative, Fleet Admiral William Leahy recalls his experiences in high command during World War II, and the discussions of war council meetings such as Potsdam, Yalta, Teheran, and Cairo. Leahy was Ambassador to France in 1941, where he tried diplomatic means to keep parts of France and her colonies out of German hands. In 1942 he became President Franklin Roosevelt’s Chief of Staff and later served President Harry Truman in that role. The 23rd chapter discusses the atomic bomb. The foreword of the book was written by President Harry Truman. The appendix includes correspondence between Roosevelt and Leahy as well as a list of attendees at the Allies' major World War II conferences.

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