AUTHORHeisenberg, Elisabeth
TITLEInner Exile: Recollections of a Life with Werner Heisenberg
CITYBoston, MA

Written long after World War II, this book attempts to explain the motivations for the political actions of the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. Foremost among those actions is his decision to remain in Germany during World War II although he hated the Nazi Party. The biography begins with Heisenberg's childhood and how it affected his politics. Much of the book describes the World War II years, during which Heisenberg assisted several persons to flee Nazi Germany and lost his friendship with Niels Bohr as a result of their famous meeting in Copenhagen. The book tells about Heisenberg's imprisonment at Farm Hall at the end of the war. The author, his wife, enriches the book by contributing some of her memories. Numerous photographs taken at various points throughout his life are included in the book. It was translated from German by S. Cappellari and C. Morris.

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