DIRECTORSeson, Frank / Guarino, Chris
TITLEAvoiding Armageddon: Our Future. Our Choice.
RUNNING TIME480 minutes

This informative PBS miniseries contains four two-hour specials about nuclear, chemical, and biological weapon threats. The first special is called “Silent Killers” and is about plagues and chemical and biological poisons. The second, “Nuclear Nightmares”, describes how the United States and other major powers have lost control of possessors and potential users of atomic weapons; foci include North Korea (DPRK) and the Indian-Pakistani conflict. Different perspectives are given by experts, former presidents, and other world leaders. The third and fourth specials, “The New Face of Terror” and “Confronting Terrorism”, examine how terrorism began in certain areas, discussing the founding of the state of Israel and the organization al-Qaeda, and how terrorist groups could use weapons of mass destruction. The series provides opinions of ordinary people as well as experts. It is complemented by a book of the same title and a page on the PBS website.

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