AUTHORFermi, Laura
TITLEIllustrious Immigrants: the Intellectual Migration from Europe 1930-41, 2nd Ed.
PUBLISHERUniversity of Chicago Press
CITYChicago, IL

Written by the wife of physicist Enrico Fermi, this book tells the stories of the European intellectual immigrants to the United States from 1930-1941. Laura Fermi discusses what drove them out of Europe, how they reached America and found positions, the specifics of the immigrants from each ethnic group, and the achievements in America of each occupational group. Fermi devotes a chapter to the achievements of the immigrant atomic scientists, narrating profiles of many of them. Her view of those scientists is particularly interesting because she knew them personally through her husband and the intellectual immigrant community. The bibliography is organized by chapter and includes notes; the index is by name only. The book contains black and white photographs of many of the immigrant intellectuals

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