AUTHORSpector, Leonard S., Ed.
TITLEMissile Proliferation and Defences: Problems and Prospects
PUBLISHERCenter for Nonproliferation Studies
CITYMonterrey, CA
Web Access
Available online from Monterey Institute of International Studies

This book is a collection of papers from a conference on ballistic missile proliferation and ballistic missile defense. The purpose of the conference was to focus the debate over missile defenses onto an international context and develop ideas for multilateral controls over ballistic missiles. The recent proliferation of ballistic missile defenses lessens nuclear disarmament and increases nuclear proliferation. The collection is organized into five topics: an overview of the problems, existing and proposed international controls, the missile defenses of the United States, the specifics of the problems in regions of the world, and arms control in space. Author biographies and a glossary of abbreviations are included.

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