AUTHORDiehl, Sarah J. / Moltz, James Clay
TITLENuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation: A Reference Handbook
PUBLISHERABC-Clio Information Services
CITYSanta Barbara, CA
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Available online from ABC-CLIO/Greenwood   ( )

The second edition of this general reference on nonproliferation of nuclear weapons has been updated and reorganized to reflect events and thinking since the first edition was published in 2002. The first chapter provides a concise history of the proliferation of nuclear weapons and of arms control. It is followed by a chapter discussing issues, controversies, and solutions. A new chapter focuses on U. S. interests and politics regarding nonproliferation. A hundred page chronology provides the significant events in each year from from 1939 to 2007 that involve the development, proliferation, and control of nuclear weapons. The next section contains short biographies of twenty key people, such as Andrei Sakharov and Edward Teller. The chapter on facts and documents includes scientific, technological, military, and political information, and documentation on nuclear weapons and arms control. Annotated lists give access to pertinent organizations, books, films, and websites. There is also a glossary of nuclear termonology.

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