AUTHORDivine, Robert A.
TITLE Blowing in the Wind: The Nuclear Test Ban Debate 1954-1960
PUBLISHEROxford University Press
CITYOxford, England

This well-documented book addresses the responses of Americans to the threat of nuclear fallout in the period during the Cold War when the Bravo and Castle nuclear weapons test series were underway. The Bravo series is best known for the tests at Bikini Island. There was a crisis of fear in the American public, during which Americans built bomb shelters, practiced for bombing raids and fallout, and demanded that the American government cease nuclear weapons testing. The author believes that those responses occurred because the United States had been thrust so rapidly into the nuclear age and the public believed that those wielding power had little control over the unfolding events. The author includes a brief essay on the bibliographic resources used in the book.

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