AUTHORTrumbull, Robert
TITLENine Who Survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki
PUBLISHERCharles E. Tuttle Company
CITYTokyo, Japan
ISBNno number - use WorldCat search box

This book describes the experiences of nine men, each of whom survived both the Hiroshima and the Nagasaki atomic bombings. The men worked in Hiroshima, or were conscripted by the army in Hiroshima and returned home to Nagasaki to be with their families. They describe the bombings, other survivors, and searching for family. Their narratives provide a personal, detailed report of the actions taken by ordinary people in both cities. One of the men went on to become the governor of Nagasaki Prefecture. It was the Atomic Bomb Commission that identified the men through the supplemental questionnaire that was added to the 1950 national census of Japan at the Commission's request. The book alternates between men in order to tell the story as a whole chronologically.

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