AUTHORChernus, Ira
TITLENuclear Madness: Religion and the Psychology of the Nuclear Age
PUBLISHERState Universtiy of New York Press
CITYNew York, NY

In this book, Ira Chernus explores in depth the effects of the nuclear age on religious beliefs and the human psyche and attempts to create a bridge to a new form of peace activism. Chernus elaborates on Robert Jay Lifton’s theory of the psychological numbing effect that the development of weapons of mass destruction has had on humans. He examines the paradoxical rhetoric that has developed surrounding nuclear arms and notes how accepting that rhetoric disconnects people from reality and can lead to a form of schizophrenia. He also investigates the socio-religious myths that have grown up around nuclear weapons as a means for people to come to terms with their implications. The book would be best utilized by individuals with some background knowledge of psychology.

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