AUTHORMesser, Robert L.
TITLEThe End of an Alliance: James F. Byrnes, Roosevelt, Truman, and the Origins of the Cold War
PUBLISHERUniversity of North Carolina Press
CITYChapel Hill, NC

This book describes the relationship between U. S. President Harry Truman and his Secretary of State, James F. Byrnes, as well as the important World War II and post-war events in which they both participated. To provide background for that relationship, the book also recounts Byrnes’ attendance at the Yalta conference with President Franklin Roosevelt and his failure to receive the 1944 Democratic vice-presidential nomination. It details Byrnes’ role in the use of the atomic bomb, his briefings of President Truman on that subject, and his participation in the Interim Committee. In addition, the book describes both men’s participation in the Potsdam Conference, the emergence of the Cold War, and the eventual dissolution of their relationship.

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