AUTHORHerken, Gregg
TITLECounsels of War
PUBLISHERAlfred A. Knopf
CITYNew York, NY

Focusing on the perspective of U.S. nuclear strategists, this book gives a history of the nuclear age from the successful test of a nuclear device in July 1945 to the Star Wars of the early 1980s. The book covers most of the Cold War, looking at political developments domestically and internationally and the changes those developments made in the hypothetical situation analyses considered by the nuclear strategists. The strategists worked in the absence of a declared war; therefore, strategy was abstract and theoretical, rather than involving operational planning. The author's interviews of over 60 politicians, strategists, and atomic scientists helped to create an informed and interesting history, written for the general public. The endnotes are extensive and informative, and a comprehensive bibliography is provided.

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