AUTHORBoyer, Paul
TITLESocial Scientists and the Bomb
PERIODICAL TITLEBulletin of the Atomic Scientists

This article describes the post-Hiroshima movement by American social scientists to solve the challenges posed by the atomic age through research in their profession rather than through the physical sciences. The author provides an overview of the debate during the late 1940s over whether the government of the United States should provide funding for the social sciences and the merit of doing so. He concludes that despite their optimism that they would steer the course of the nation by defining the ethical and social responsibilities posed by the atomic age, the social scientists never accomplished the task they set for themselves. The article confers the inability of advancements in social sciences to act as vehicles of social change in the same way that technological advancements do. This article would be useful to people interested in examining the influence of the development of atomic energy on American society.

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