AUTHORWalker, J. Samuel
TITLENuclear Power and Nonproliferation: The Controversy over Nuclear Exports, 1974-1980
PERIODICAL TITLEDiplomatic History
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This article revisits the contentious debate that arose during the latter half of the 1970s within the United States government over the relationship between nuclear power and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Sparked by revelations of the relative ease of nuclear bomb construction and India’s 1974 explosion of a nuclear device, great concern arose within Congress over whether the United States, as the world’s principal provider of nuclear materials and technologies, was making proliferation possible for other countries. The article follows the course of the controversy from the Nixon administration through the Carter administration, with particular attention paid to the tensions that arose between the executive and legislative branches of the United States government over the issue. The article would be most useful to readers with an advanced knowledge of American diplomacy.

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