AUTHORCSIS Congressional Study Group, Ed.
TITLENuclear Energy Safety Challenges in the Former Soviet Union: A Consensus Report of the CSIS Congressional Study Group on Nuclear Energy Safety Challenges in the Former Soviet Union
PUBLISHERCenter for Strategic and International Studies
CITYWashington, D.C.

This report was undertaken to develop policy recommendations and initiatives for policy makers to use in addressing the safety challenges posed by the waning nuclear programs in countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU). At the time of the panel’s report, 15 Chernobyl-type and numerous VVER 440/230 reactors remained in use in FSU countries, which Western countries insist must be shut down for safety purposes. As well, numerous nuclear facilities across the FSU lack the funds to pay for maintenance and new fuel supplies or even provide adequate payment to their employees. The panel asserts that the West’s status quo policy of only providing after-the-fact funding to FSU states that shut down problematic reactors does not take into account the financial strain the countries are under nor their regional energy needs. The report outlines a plan for EU and G-7 member states to work proactively with the FSU states in shutting down certain dangerous facilities, providing alternative energy sources in their place, and modernizing the facilities that will continue to operate.

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