AUTHORBertsch, Gary K. / Grillot, Suzette R.
TITLEThe Politics of Peril: Economics, Society and the Prevention of War
PUBLISHERSeabury Press
CITYNew York, NY

In this book, German physicist Carl Friedrich von Weizs├Ącker addresses the dangers and fears of modern society concerning economic and environmental problems and the threat of war. He puts forth proposals for energy and military policies and lists the consequences of those and other proposals. He also discusses the armaments policy of the United States and the Soviet Union (as of the mid-1970s); European defense policy; Communist China; the possibility of a third World War; the proliferation of nuclear and conventional weapons; and various energy sources, including nuclear energy. The last chapter of the book ties together those various fields and presents large-scale policy suggestions. The author was a colleague of Werner Heisenberg, worked on the fledging German atomic bomb program, and was one of ten prominent scientists captured by the Alsos mission at the end of War II. He was interned for six months and then resumed his scientific career in West Germany.

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