AUTHORVoegtlin, Carl / Hodge, Harold, Eds.
TITLEPharmacology and Toxicology of Uranium Compounds: With a Section on the Pharmacology and Toxicology of Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride
PUBLISHERMcGraw-Hill Publishing Company
CITYNew York, NY
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This large volume, bound in four books, records research performed primarily on uranium compounds and health during and immediately after World War II at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry as part of the Manhattan Project. Part I, consisting of 16 chapters and spanning the first and second books, focuses on the pharmacology and toxicology of uranium compounds. Part II, a single chapter in the second book, contains observations on the toxic action of fluorine and hydrogen fluoride. Part III, consisting of chapters 18-22 in books three and four, examines the studies of chronic effects of uranium. Part IV comprises the last six chapters and describes metabolic studies. The studies sought to provide guidance for the safe handling of uranium and fluorine and their compounds in laboratories and plants. Performed on animals, they provided some of the first results on the physiological effects of those substances. The work is a part of the National Nuclear Energy Series that recorded research performed under the Manhattan Project and Atomic Energy Commission.

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