AUTHORBattimelli, Giovanni / Paoloni, Giovanni, Eds.
TITLE20th Century Physics: Essays and Recollections, A Selection of Historical Writings by Edoardo Amaldi
PUBLISHERWorld Scientific Publishing Co.

This book contains a collection of articles written by Italian physicist and former student of Enrico Fermi, Edoardo Amaldi, on important physicists and advances in physics during the twentieth-century. The book is divided into two sections, the first of which deals with physics in Italy both before and after World War II. It focuses on certain prominent Italian physicists, such as Fermi, Gian Carlo Wick, and Ettore Majorana. Two articles in the section also cover the effects of the 1938 racial laws on Italian physics. The second section of the book focuses more broadly on the development of physics in the twentieth-century throughout Europe and discusses important physicists such as Niels Bohr, Hans Bethe, George Placzek, Friedrich Georg Houtermans, and Bruno Touschek. Some photographs, charts, and facsimiles are included. Articles originally published in Italian are reproduced in both Italian and in English translation.

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