AUTHORCockburn, Stewart / Ellyard, David
TITLEOliphant: The Life and Times of Sir Mark Oliphant
CITYKent Town, South Australia

This biography tells the lively story of Mark Oliphant, an Australian physicist who led the British Manhattan Project team during World War II. Oliphant discovered tritium and helium-3 and made significant advancements in the study of deuterium. As a preeminent physicist, Oliphant worked among the famous physicists of the age, including Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr; the book includes anecdotes from their interactions. The outspoken Oliphant did not limit himself to science; he pursued political goals as well, including a governorship and development of the Australian Academy of Science. The first half of the book is devoted to Oliphant’s scientific life, the second half to his political life. It has appendices containing a list of Oliphant’s publications and awards, an extensive bibliography, a glossary of nuclear age terms, and letters concerning Australia’s uranium policy.

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