AUTHORCoolidge, Matthew
TITLEThe Nevada Test Site: A Guide to America’s Nuclear Proving Ground
PUBLISHERCenter for Land Use Interpretation
CITYLos Angeles, CA

This pictorial volume uses photographs, maps, and limited text to offer a particular historical perspective on the Nevada Test Site, the 1,350-square mile area in southern Nevada where various types of nuclear devices have been tested by the United States government since 1951. The specific history examines the relationship between "tools of science and war" and the "inert material of the earth." Segmenting the test site into six vicinities, the Center for Land Use Interpretation has assembled photographs that represent the built environment and landscape alteration at those various locales. The photographs depict, among other things, test structures subjected to above-ground atomic explosions in the 1950s; subsidence craters that resulted from below-ground detonations through the early 1990s; an experimental "farm" once used to study the effects of radioactivity on livestock; a "peace camp" periodically inhabited by people protesting nuclear testing; and a fenced "pen" to hold protestors who trespassed on the government-owned reservation. The visual evidence of land use at the test site, according to the center, is used to show that Americans can learn much about themselves and their society. A list of important secondary reference works is included.

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