AUTHORSchram, Martin
TITLEAvoiding Armageddon: Our Future. Our Choice.
CITYNew York, NY

Written in a journalistic style, this book addresses international threats posed by nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. It contains a historical overview of events since World War II that have led to proliferation of those weapons and interviews with a variety of persons involved with both the spread and control of such weapons. It presents some of the threats from nation states such as Iraq, Iran, Israel, India, and Pakistan as well as terrorist groups including al-Qaeda. The threat from unsecured nuclear materials in the former Soviet Union and the environmental legacy of nuclear weapons production in the United States and the Soviet Union are discussed. One section explores the history and current (2003) state of terrorism. The final chapters offer some options for a more secure world. The book was written as a companion to the PBS series Avoiding Armageddon. The bibliography is minimal.

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