CREATORU.S. Strategic Bombing Survey
TITLEUnited States Strategic Bombing Survey: Japan's Struggle to End the War, July 1, 1946
DATE ACCESSED5 December 2016

This webpage provides access to image files of a 59-page document associated with the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, which was submitted to the President of the United States in July of 1946. On August 15, 1945, President Truman requested that the officers of the survey conduct an impartial, expert study of the effects of the United States' aerial attacks on Japan, including the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The survey was to be used to evaluate the importance and potential of air power as an instrument of military strategy, for military planning, and for determining economic policies for military spending. The report found here, Japan's Struggle to End the War, provides a detailed account of events leading to Japan's surrender. It was the third of three reports in the survey, the first of which examines all aspects of the bombs' impact on the populations and physical structures in the two cities and the second of which was a summary of the air war in the Pacific. Available as both scanned images and transcribed texts, the documents are essential primary sources and are part of the Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb documents section of the Truman Library website.

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