AUTHORStimson, Henry L. / Bundy, McGeorge
TITLEOn Active Service in Peace and War
PUBLISHEROctagon Books
CITYNew York, NY

In an unusual mixture of memoir and biography, Henry L. Stimson retells his thirty-four year career in public service, his actions, and his motives, and provides his opinions. An introduction describes Stimson’s life before he entered government service. Stimson’s career as Secretary of War during the Taft administration is addressed, as well as his role in World War I. The book relates the events leading up to World War II, including Stimson’s perceptions of those events. The material about World War II discusses the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Stimson’s role as Secretary of War, the military, public relations, the atomic bomb, and Japan’s surrender. The biographer, McGeorge Bundy, used extensive interviews with Stimson, his diaries and other personal records, interviews with Stimson's colleagues, and published materials to create the account. Included is a chronology of World War II. The book was originally published in two volumes in 1948.

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