AUTHORArnold, Lorna / Pyne, Katherine
TITLEBritain and the H-Bomb
PUBLISHERPalgrave Publishers Ltd.
CITYNew York, NY

This book provides a detailed history of the development and testing of the British hydrogen bomb in the 1950s. The British thermonuclear weapons program has received less attention than the corresponding efforts of the United States or the Soviet Union. The authors present the personalities and talents of the individuals, including William Penney and William Cook, who met the scientific, technical, and financial challenges of producing the hydrogen bomb. In addition they discuss the public uneasiness with questions of morality and safety, as well as the government's diplomatic efforts to enhance Britain's position as a world power. The impact of nuclear test ban treaties on production and testing of those nuclear weapons is also recounted. The initial chapters that review the development of thermonuclear weapons by the United States and the Soviet Union provide the historical context for the British effort. Author Lorna Arnold had unique access to official archives and was ably qualified to write the book; she worked on two prior volumes on the history of the British atomic energy project.

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