AUTHORHounshell, David A. / Smith, John Kenly
CHAPTER TITLEThe War Years and Postwar Expansion of Research
BOOK TITLEScience and Corporate Strategy
PUBLISHERCambridge University Press
CITYCambridge, England

This chapter in a book by David Hounshell describes the Du Pont Company’s involvement in the Manhattan Project. The company's role was to design and build a pilot plant-sized nuclear reactor and plutonium separation facilities at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and then to construct full-scale plutonium production facilities at Hanford, Washington. Du Pont personnel worked with scientists at the University of Chicago to accomplish those tasks. Crawford Greenwalt, a chemical engineer, directed Du Pont's construction of both facilities. Du Pont was anxious to withdraw from the production of nuclear materials at the end of World War II. The federal government turned operation of Hanford over to General Electric in 1946. However, in 1950 the United States Government prevailed on the company to build another nuclear facility at Savannah River, South Carolina, during the Korean War. The chapter also describes the debate within the company over its involvement in the nuclear program of the United States.

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