AUTHORDepartment of Energy
TITLEDepartment of Energy's Yucca Mountain Studies
PUBLISHERUnited States Department of Energy
CITYWashington, D.C.
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This booklet is a report that discusses the disposal of high-level nuclear waste in the United States, and it focuses on Yucca Mountain, Nevada as a potential repository site. It addresses the challenge of safe disposal of radioactive waste. The document argues that disposal of nuclear waste is a complex issue because it affects other areas such as the environment and energy. The report informs the public about the Department of Energy’s Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project and suggests how a repository may impact the environment and residents of the vicinity. Also discussed are federal legislation governing high-level nuclear waste disposal, basic facts about nuclear waste, details about repositories, the risks associated with an underground repository, and plans for the safe transportation of radioactive waste. Illustrations, maps, and diagrams are included.

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