AUTHORMackintosh, Ray / Al-Khalili, Jim / Jonson, Born / Pena, Teresa
TITLENucleus: A Trip Into the Heart of Matter
PUBLISHERJohns Hopkins University Press
CITYBaltimore, MD

This book describes the events that led to the discovery of nuclear structure and explains fission, fusion, and radioactivity for a general audience. The components of the nucleus explained include protons, neutrons, mesons, pions, quarks, and gluons; explanations of radioactive emissions include alpha and beta particles, gamma radiation, and positrons. The book also provides brief descriptions of the scientists involved in the development of nuclear physics. In addition to its historical treatment, the monograph describes current applications of nuclear science in medicine, industry, geology, astronomy, and cosmology. Numerous color illustrations and diagrams enhance the presentation.

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