AUTHORWilliams, Robert C. / Cantelon, Philip L.
TITLEThe American Atom: A Documentary History of Nuclear Policies from the Discovery of Fission to the Present - 1939 to 1984
PUBLISHERUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
CITYPhiladelphia, PA

This book is an extensive collection of primary documents that tells the story of atomic energy in the United States from the discovery of fission, through the development of nuclear weapons, to the Cold War, and attempts at control of nuclear weapons. The book includes numerous important documents from the Manhattan Project, including General Groves’ report on the Trinity test, and the petition signed by many of the Chicago scientists against the dropping of the bombs on Japan. The collection also includes many documents on atomic energy, the hydrogen bomb, the Oppenheimer hearing, nuclear testing, the test ban, deterrence, arms control, and nuclear power.

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