CREATORPound, Robert V. / Ramsey, Norman F.
TITLEBiographical Memoirs: Kenneth Tompkins Bainbridge, July 27, 1904 - July 14, 1996
DATE ACCESSED26 August 2015

This web page, associated with the National Academy of Sciences and part of the National Academy Press website, contains a biographical essay on nuclear scientist Kenneth Bainbridge. The essay describes Bainbridge’s work on mass spectrographs and cyclotrons, as well as his work during World War II, first at the Radiation Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) creating microwave radar and, later, at the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos where he oversaw the first atomic explosion at the Trinity test. The essay also includes information on Bainbridge’s family background, college years, and post-war life. At the end of the essay is a selected bibliography of Bainbridge's publications, organized by year. The essay is part of the publication, Biographical Memoirs, Volume 76 (1999).

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