AUTHORInternational Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War / The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
TITLEPlutonium: Deadly Gold of the Nuclear Age
PUBLISHERInternational Physicians Press
CITYCambridge, MA

Written by a special research commission, this book explores different aspects of plutonium, including its production, use, storage, and hazards. It begins by presenting an overview of plutonium explaining, among other things, its properties and poisoning attributes. The book then describes plutonium creation and uses, both military and civilian, and examines each of the countries that use plutonium. Next, it discusses radioactive waste from plutonium; its locations, quantities, and types; nuclear waste leaks and discharges; the 1957 storage tank explosion at Khystym, which is part of the larger Chelyabinsk complex in the former Soviet Union; the potential for tank explosions and fires; as well as the health and environmental effects of nuclear waste. It also addresses dismantling nuclear warheads and plutonium disposal and presents recommendations about what should be done concerning plutonium in the future. The book contains an appendix on the basics of nuclear physics and radiobiology and a glossary.

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