CREATORGonyeau, Joseph
TITLEVirtual Nuclear Tourist
DATE PUBLISHED25 October 2009
DATE ACCESSED26 August 2015

Designed to educate the public, this comprehensive website about nuclear power plants around the world contains links to more than 300 pages of pertinent information. Including photographs and graphics, the site offers visitors a wealth of information on different types of nuclear plants, as well as how the plants are operated, maintained, and regulated. Links to the United States Regulatory Commission and the Energy Information Administration provide reports, articles, and publications about nuclear issues. There is also a list of links for current topics, including new designs and new applications for nuclear power plants, terrorism, and news about nuclear power plants in general. The website is updated regularly, though it should be noted that it is privately maintained by Joseph Gonyeau, a nuclear engineer and consultant, and is not affiliated with any organization.

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