AUTHORSudoplatov, Pavel / Sudoplatov, Anatoli / Schecter, Jerrod L. / Schecter, Leona P.
TITLESpecial Tasks: The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness-A Soviet Spymaster
PUBLISHERLittle, Brown and Company
CITYBoston, MA

This autobiography presents the life of Pavel Sudoplatov, director of the Soviet Administration for Special Tasks during World War II. According to the author, that component of the KGB was responsible for the most nefarious activities of the Soviet government, including kidnapping, assassination, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, and atomic espionage. The book documents Sudoplatov’s role in those activities and devotes a chapter to the subject of atomic spies. It describes his arrest after Beria’s fall and the subsequent torture and solitary confinement that he endured until he was freed after 15 years in prison. The appendices include primary documents about atomic espionage and a report on the first American atomic bomb test. The book caused a great deal of controversy because of its charges that Oppenheimer, Fermi, and other Manhattan Project scientists were Soviet spies.

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