AUTHORStewart, Irvin
TITLEOrganizing Scientific Research for War: The Administrative History of the Office of Scientific Research and Development
PUBLISHERLittle, Brown and Company
CITYBoston, MA
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This book deals with the creation and organization of the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) during World War II. It describes the early development of the OSRD and its different divisions and research groups, and it explains how the OSRD worked together with the military and Allied governments. To a large extent, the book focuses on the administrative aspects of the OSRD and topics such as contracts, patents, finances, security, volunteer work, and publicity. It closes by discussing the OSRD’s demobilization. Appendices contain the executive order creating the OSRD and standard contract forms that the OSRD used. The foreword was written by former OSRD head, Vannevar Bush.

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