AUTHORHerman, Robin
TITLEFusion: The Search for Endless Energy
PUBLISHERCambridge University Press
CITYCambridge, England

This book tells the story behind attempts to develop nuclear fusion as a clean and endless power source. The author, who interviewed numerous scientists involved in fusion research, begins by recounting the spurious 1951 claim of Argentine dictator Juan Peron that his country had created a fusion reactor. He then details the start of the fusion energy projects in the United States, the former Soviet Union, and in Great Britain, and explains the scientific basis for fusion and plasma physics. The principal fusion scientists and advances are also discussed, as is the international cooperation in fusion research and the failed “cold fusion” experiments at the University of Utah in 1989. Two appendices describe the basic physics of fusion and fusion devices. The book also contains a glossary of terms and names.

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