AUTHORFischer, Klaus
TITLEChanging Landscapes of Nuclear Physics: A Scientometric Study on the Social and Cognitive Position of German-Speaking Emigrants Within the Nuclear Physics Community 1921-1947
CITYNew York, NY

This book contains a research case study on the effects of emigration of Jewish German-speaking scientists on the development of nuclear physics from 1921 to 1947. Using scientometric methods, the author collected and evaluated data on German nuclear physics before and after the large-scale emigration. Scientometric method entails citation analyses to calculate both social and cognitive facets of disciplinary influences. The author found that the emigrant scientists were of high scientific status in Germany until about 1930, and tended to publish in newer, less established subdisciplines. As the emigration occurred, they were responsible for a high percentage of all articles in nuclear physics published in Great Britain. In the United States, they were more productive than comparable non-emigrant nuclear physicists. The author analyzes clusters of influence among nuclear scientists during different time periods. Similar to a research publication in a journal, the book carefully presents the method used, with many tables and illustrative diagrams. It also includes a excellent biographical reference, a chapter that presents the educational background of 28 emigrant nuclear physicists.

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