AUTHORPaul, Septimus H.
TITLENuclear Rivals: Anglo-American Atomic Relations, 1941-1952
PUBLISHEROhio State University Press
CITYColumbus, OH

This book examines the relationship concerning atomic energy between the United States and Great Britain during and after World War II. The author asserts that tension existed between the two countries in the area of atomic weapons development because Great Britain anticipated that its collaboration with the United States would continue after the war. However, a policy of noncollaboration prevailed during the Truman administration due to congressional opposition to sharing technical knowledge about the atomic bomb. The book draws attention to the unified effort of the United States and Great Britain to contain communism and Soviet expansion, despite their opposing viewpoints about sharing atomic research. The book also illustrates how spy scandals affected American opinion regarding cooperation with any country on atomic issues.

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