DIRECTORDoran, Jamie
TITLEThe Red Bomb: End of Innocence
DISTRIBUTORDiscovery Communications, Inc.
RUNNING TIME60 minutes

This film recounts the history of the Soviet atomic bomb project from the Russian perspective. Recognizing the threat that Hitler’s Germany posed to them, the Soviets organized espionage rings to obtain atomic secrets from Germany and the United States. The film asserts that espionage intelligence reports about atomic developments in Germany and the United States played a significant role in getting Stalin to begin the former Soviet Union’s atomic program. Interviews with members of the KGB, Soviet spies including the infamous Klaus Fuchs, Soviet physicists, and designers of the Soviet atomic bomb explain the political motivations to spy, and analyze the motivations behind the construction of the bomb. The film is the first in a three part series titled The Red Bomb detailing Soviet espionage efforts and the Soviet urgency to develop nuclear arms.

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