AUTHORO'Very, David P. / Paine, Christopher E. / Reicher, Dan W., Eds.
TITLEControlling the Atom in the 21st Century
PUBLISHERWestview Press
CITYBoulder, CO

This book is a collection of essays that identify and suggest possible solutions to problems posed by nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste. Common topics of the essays include gaining access to nuclear information, public participation in the decision-making process, and the division of regulatory power between the federal and state governments. The essays in their original form as working papers facilitated discussion at a 1992 conference sponsored by the private, non-profit organization, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which seeks to protect natural resources and improve the environment. While there was neither a pro- nor an anti-nuclear platform at the conference, there was a common theme of a “general recognition of the need to ‘democratize’ choices about nuclear energy” (xii).

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