AUTHORStuewer, Roger H., Ed.
TITLENuclear Physics in Retrospect: Proceedings of a Symposium on the 1930s
PUBLISHERUniversity of Minnesota Press
CITYMinneapolis, MN

This book contains transcriptions of the lectures given at the Symposium on the History of Nuclear Physics held in May 1977 at the University of Minnesota; the symposium focused on the major developments in atomic physics during the 1930s. The contributers consist of eight prominent atomic physicists: Hans Bethe, Emilio Segrè, Otto Frisch, Rudolf Peierls, Maurice Goldhaber, Edwin McMillan, Eugene Wigner, and John Wheeler. All eight, using their personal knowledge and experiences as the basis for their talks, discuss their own work in the 1930s, as well as many other important advances in physics. The book also contains brief comments about each of the speakers.

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