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Orszag, Peter Costs of Reprocessing Versus Directly Disposing of Spent Nuclear Fuel Available Online Website
Bodansky, David Reprocessing Spent Nuclear Fuel Available Online Article
Bunn, Matthew / Fetter, Steve / Holdren, John / van der Zwaan, Bob The Economics of Reprocessing vs. Direct Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel Available Online Website
Bunn, Matthew / Zhang, Hui / Kang, Li The Cost of Reprocessing in China Available Online Website
Fetter, Steve / von Hippel, Frank N. Is U.S. Reprocessing Worth the Risk? Available Online Article
Johnson, Jeff Reprocessing Key to Nuclear Plan Available Online Article
Zhang, Hui / Zhou, Yun Plutonium Separation in Nuclear Power Programs: Status, Problems, and Prospects of Civilian Reprocessing Around the World Available Online Website
Bebbington, William P. The Reprocessing of Nuclear Fuels Article
Ahearne, John / Ferguson, Charles D. / Cochran, Thomas B. / Jackson, Shirley Ann / Macfarlane, Allison M. / Meserve, Richard Nuclear Energy Guide Available Online Website
Cochran, Thomas B. / Paine, Christopher E. / Fettus, Geoffrey / Norris, Robert S. / McKinzie, Matthew Postion Paper: Commercial Nuclear Power Available Online Book