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Allison, Graham Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe Book
Cameron, Gavin Nuclear Terrorism: A Threat Assessment for the 21st Century Book
Ferguson, Charles D. / Potter, William C. / Sands, Amy / Spector, Leonard S. / Wehling, Fred L. The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism Available Online Book
Aloise, Gene Combating Nuclear Terrorism: Preliminary Observations on Preparedness to Recover from Possible Attacks Using Radiological or Nuclear Materials Available Online Website
Bunn, Matthew / Malin, Martin B. / Roth, Nicholas / Tobey, William H. Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Continuous Improvement or Dangerous Decline Available Online Website
Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University / Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University Preventing Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Terrorism: Essential Steps to Reduce the Availability of Nuclear-Explosive Materials Available Online Website
Coll, Steve The Unthinkable: Can the United States be Made Safe from Nuclear Terrorism Available Online Article
Etzioni, Amitai Pre-empting Nuclear Terrorism in a New Global Order Available Online Book
Ferguson, Charles D. Preventing Catastrophic Nuclear Terrorism Available Online Website
Glaser, Alexander / von Hippel, Frank N. Thwarting Nuclear Terrorism Available Online Article