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Norris, Robert S. / Cochran, Thomas B. / Arkin, William M. History of the Nuclear Stockpile Available Online Article
Swain, David L. / Ishikawa, Eisei Available Online Website
Buck, Alice L. A History of the Atomic Energy Commission Available Online Book
Espar, David War and Peace in the Nuclear Age: Part VII, One Step Forward Film
Roche, Douglas How We Stopped Loving the Bomb: An Insider's Account of the World on the Brink of Banning Nuclear Arms Book
Rotblat, Joseph / Steinberger, Jack / Udgaonkar, Bhalchandra, Eds. A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Desirable? Feasible? Book
Sokolski, Henry D. Underestimated: Our Not So Peaceful Nuclear Future, 2nd Edition Available Online Book
Squassoni, Sharon The New Disarmament Discussion Available Online Article
Bunn, Matthew Securing the Bomb 2010 Available Online Book
Bunn, Matthew / Wier, Anthony Securing the Bomb 2004: An Agenda for Action Available Online Book