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Anderson, Herbert L. The Legacy of Fermi and Szilard Article
Bernstein, B. J. Leo Szilard: Giving Peace a Chance in the Nuclear Age Article
de Latil, Pierre Fermi: The Man and His Theories Book
Feather, Norman Fission of Heavy Nuclei: A New Type of Nuclear Disintegration Article
Frisch, Otto R. / Peierls, Rudolf E. The Frisch-Peierls Memorandum, Part 1 Available Online Website
Heisenberg, Werner Research in Germany on the Technical Application of Atomic Energy Article
Kelly, Cynthia C. The Uncommon Man: Crawford H. Greenewalt Available Online Film
Lanouette, William The Odd Couple and the Bomb Available Online Article
Lanouette, William Ideas by Szilard, Physics by Fermi Article
Moore, Mike The Incident at Stagg Field Article