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Aston, F. W. Isotope and Atomic Weights Available Online Article
Urey, Harold / Brickwedde, F. G. / Murphy, George M. A Hydrogen Isotope of Mass 2 Available Online Article
Seaborg, Glenn T. Early History of Heavy Isotope Research at Berkeley Available Online Website
Cohen, Karl / Murphy, George M., Eds. The Theory of Isotope Separation as Applied to the Large-Scale Production of U-235 Book
Derringh, Edward Estimate of the Critical Mass of a Fissionable Isotope Available Online Article
Villani, Stelio Isotope Separation Book
Whitley, S. Isotope Enrichment by Diffusion and by the Centrifuge Article
Bergeron, Kenneth D. Tritium on Ice: the Dangerous New Alliance of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power Book
Broad, William J. Slender and Elegant, It Fuels the Bomb Available Online Article
Federation of American Scientists Federation of American Scientists: Uranium Production Available Online Website