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AJ Software and Multimedia Atomic Archive Available Online Website
Akizuki, Tatsuichiro / Nagata, Keiichi (Translator) Nagasaki 1945: The First Full-Length Eyewitness Account of the Atomic Bomb Attack on Nagasaki Book
Albuquerque Teachers' Institute Atomic America: Technology, Representative and Culture in the 20th Century Available Online Website
American Institute of Physics Lawrence and the Cyclotron: AIP History Center Web Exhibit Available Online Website
American Institute of Physics / Short Cressman and Burgess PLLC / Sonicbomb editors / Hartman, Devin Center for History of Physics Available Online Website
American Nuclear Society History of Nuclear Power Plant Safety Available Online Website
Arnold, Lorna / Pyne, Katherine Britain and the H-Bomb Book
Asada, Sadao The Mushroom Cloud and National Psyches: Japanese and American Perceptions of the Atomic-Bomb Decision, 1945-1995 Chapter
Atomic Heritage Foundation Hanford's Secret Wartime Mission, 1943-1945 Film
Atomic Heritage Foundation Atomic Heritage Foundation Available Online Website